Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Open Ended Heart Felt Wreath

A few months ago my sister showed me a blog that had a tutorial on how to make a felt wreath. The blog name is The Idea Room and she has some wondeful ideas, many that I have made a list of items that I want to try. You can see the tutorial here.

My daughter has been drawing these open ended hearts for awhile now and had them up in her room. I decided to expand on that and purchased two heart wreaths cut off part of one side and glued the bottoms together. I was laod up for a bit when my knee decided to give out and was very hard to walk or even put pressure on it, so I knew I needed something to keep me occupied and this was perfect!!!!

I made mine VERY tight and close together, it looks awesme in person. I bought the felt that has glitter in it so it sparkles :)

All that is left to do it put something on the back to hang it and it will find a place in my daughters room :)

Hope you enjoy, and make sure you check out The Idea Room.


  1. I love how you made it to represent your daughter and her open ended hearts. She must love it. I also LOVE how tightly you put the felt together. Makes me want to make mine a little tighter now! Great job! I hope your knee is feeling better!

  2. This looks great! Bet she loves it in her room.

  3. This turned out perfect!! I bet J will love it in her room. It reminds me of my necklace.

  4. Great job and I have to say it looks tons better in person. I can't believe you took all that time to make it.


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