Friday, January 29, 2010

More than a boss......

.......she was a friend, second mother and everything in between.

Debbi has passed away due to cancer that she has been battling with for over 3 years. To see someone that is sooo strong willed and very independent go thru this is very hard.

This picture, think it was taken in London, is one of those times where she was on the go ALOT. She always said she had me making her money so she can travel to Uganda for things she was called there to do.

Today I am at a lost of words and to the point of zoned out and numb. As we prepare for a funeral, I keep thinking of what ifs and don't want to go there. Life around here is sure to change since I wont have Debbi around. She has been in my life almost half of my life and my daughter was born into this crazy extended family so to speak but nothing has changed the fact that she is part of our family and will always be :) She is no longer in horrible pain that every time I talked to her, I felt very sad hearing it in her voice. I am sure she is running around like I remember her doing before she got sick and really enjoying her freedom.

Debbi, I love and miss you so very much and I will always have you with me. To be honest, I think you are yelling at me to stop this non-sense and get back to work :) You will truly be missed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today was another rough day. LOTS to get done to plan a funeral and make sure many people know and will be able to make it.
When I get a few spare moments, I will be back to explain the info on these cards for the relay.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mer Ian

I will be back later to explain the card, it has been a ROUGH day.