Monday, November 9, 2009


...for not keeping up with my blog as planned :)

It has been a crazy last few weeks, lots going on at my house, some fun and some not so fun!!!

First my daughter is in the 9th grade and decided almost at the last minute that she wanted to go to the Homecoming Dance. Now she never really wanted to go and then the neighbors girls were going and then she decided she wanted to go and then she changed her mind, and it went like that for a few weeks. After I gave her the money for her ticket, it was final she was going, lol!!! Saturday was filled with "girly" things, her friends came over and spent time "primping". It was funny and cute. I didn't want to to pics of all the girls, not sure if it was ok with the parents so this is one of my daughter that I got right before we all walked out the door. Oh and a funny thing, since she took awhile to finally decide she was going we didn't get a chance to really look for a dress, so what she wore is a dress that I wore for my sisters wedding 7 years ago that my mom had made :) It actually fit her pretty good, but i am sure that I definitely would NOT fit in, LOL!!!

I do have some projects that I was able to work on today to share with you later, as I was trying to get pics and edit photos, my husband and I found out the neighbor across the street, their house was broken into and it was a weird break in, where they REMOVED the whole window. The scary thing is the I was home the whole time and crafting away and never heard a thing. So now my alarm in the house is set and feel very uncomfortable at the moment. I know it wasn't my house, but we all live VERY close together and it just feels weird. We have noticed people going thru our recyclable trashcans when we have them out on trash day, so not sure if people are scoping out houses or what, but everyone right now is on edge.

I promise to get something uploaded a little later this evening, just trying to feel a little better about all this and talk to the rest of the neighbors to figure out what we all can do so this kind of thing doesn't happen again.


  1. JoAnn looks so grown up.

    I know how you feel as far as the neighbors and how uncomfortable you are. On October 27th in Apple Valley my parents were victims in a home invasion robbery. They are okay now and healing from injuries but after that I am uncomfortable everywhere I go. Hopefully the police will find all these COLORFUL people and they will get what they deserve.

  2. Great pic of J. I can't believe she is old enough to wear the dress and old enough to be going to a homecoming dance. Can't wait to see your new projects.
    Hope all goes well with the break in.

  3. I can hardly believe that JoAnna actually can wear that dress!! It looks good on her. Hope she had a good time.
    It is getting pretty scary around here. Almost afraid to go anywhere. Our neighbors (women) were beaten up at the store around the corner (by men and then went and got a gun). Not a good neighborhood.


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