Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curves Report

This is not a crafty post, but I have been working very hard this past month and was very happy after I saw the printout, so I thought I would share.

One thing that I have been working very hard on, is, working out. I have really wanted to get back into shape and really just have more energy. I have noticed lately that I am just not in the mood or have enough energy to get things done like I want. I have always been an active person, then I realized that all that was lacking and needed to do something about it.

My goal when I first signed up at Curves, was to lose a little weight, but mainly it is to firm and tone and to get my energy level back up.

To my HUGE surprise my month of working very hard at my workouts and eating better, I lost 9lbs, total of 9.50 inches from a combined total of all my measurements that get taken and 2.63% body fat!!!!!

I have been going everyday I can, they are closed on Sundays, so that is my relaxing day, but I really have been making this a HUGE part of my day and it has really paid off :) They also have a "Smart Card" that you can purchase and trust me, I am telling you that is the ONLY reason why I did so well this month. That card thingy REALLY makes you work, you have to keep your machine in the "green" and if it goes to "yellow" you know you need to work harder. It has really kept me on my toes and not slacking off. Best thing, I tell ya :) Oh, yeah almost forgot and you earn "Curves Cash" and you save up to buy certain things from ther store. Very cool. I have earned like 2 shirts already and working on my next.

Ok, so enough of my rambling about my day today. I will be back later today or tomorrow with a project!!!!

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  1. Great job!! I am the one that really needs to something like this :)


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