Friday, May 15, 2009


I hope everyone had a great time at the PaperTrey and Greeting Farm release party. I sooooo wish I was there :)

Instead I was watching Annie :) This is my daughter, JoAnna during a solo part that she has. She is Duffy, one of the orphans. It was a great show. It was opening night, so there were some snags and it did not start on time, but all the kids did a great job, and as for me, I was very proud mom :) Oh yeah, and trust me this is so not the only picute :) One of my daughters friends told me on the way home, "Was that your flash I kept seeing the WHOLE show", LOL, yup that was me, hehehehehehe.

My daughter LOVES to sing and the school she is in right now is a performing arts school. The school has done many plays and I am wondering what the next one is gonna be.

I am gonna rest today, we got home very late and had to get up way too early to get her to school again today. Not sure why opening night was on a school night, but what can you do ;)

I hope everyone has a very good Friday and a wonderful weekend. I am hoping to get to my craft table, but we will see. My daughter has me for the next couple more days running around for Annie, but i am sure I will need to relax and craft at some point :)

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  1. I cannot wait to see it tomorrow. Great times.


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