Monday, May 11, 2009

You make my life fun!!!

*****Third post for today*****

Ok, this is the last card I will upload right now, so you can have a break :)

I was just cranking out so many projects yesterday that I feel like I can take on the world this week :) I NEVER get a whole day to do that, and oh I am thinking I am gonna have to find the tie to do that again. Major relaxation!!!!

I love this card, it is so fun. This card was made for 2 different challenges. The first one is over at 365 Cards for the sketch and then the second is over at A Spoon Full of Sugar, and this one you had to do something touchy feely.

I have not been able to ink this Anya up yet, that is until yesterday. I found some guitar patterned paper and knew that was gonna be PERFECT!!! The touchy feely part of this card is her hair :) I used Sparkly Fluff from Our Craft Lounge. I love this stuff, it is just like fun flock but with glitter in it. So now her hair sparkles like a Rock Star :)

I think is it for right now. I am gonna go get lots of work done so I am good all the way around. My daughter again has practice until 6pm for the Annie production. The show is this weekend, so LOTS of practices and dress rehearsals and such.

Here's hoping for everyone to have a great day!!!!!


  1. fabulous! i just love those anya stamps and you've done a great job with this one!

  2. What an adorable card. Love those Anya stamps. I am going to have to check that Sparkly Fluff, anything with gliter is terrific.

  3. Beautiful card!!! Love the sparkly fluff. I need to use it more though. How nice to be able to create for an entire day. Even if I could find the time my boys would keep interupting so much that I wouldn't get anything done. TFS!!!


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