Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello, I hope everyone had a good Friday and you have LOTS planned for National Scrapbooking Day :) Me, I am gonna craft, craft and more craft, hehehehe.

I worked on a card and combines three challenges again. I actually find it challenging so it keeps me wanting to try it more and more.

First challenge is from 365 Cards, you are to use a number on your project. For this one, I choose the number 5, my niece will be 5 next month, can't start too early, huh? ;)

Second challenge is from A Spoon Full of Sugar. This one is to use the colors blue and green. Now this was easy. My niece loves blue and green, so a perfect match.

For the third challenge, it was from Hemidemisemiquaver Design. Now this WAS a challenge for me. I have a HARD time with the clear cardstock. I think I may have to really try and use it more and more. I don't know what it is, but I draw a blank every time I try and use it.

Make sure you plan for some crafting time this weekend. I find it sooo relaxing :)


  1. FABulous job on your clear card!!!

  2. Wonderful card for the challenge!! Great job!

    hugs, Karen Lee

  3. Nice job combining challenges - your card turned out beautifully!

  4. Great card. Way to go combining all 3 challenges.

  5. I hope you got to do lots more crafting!

    What a smart idea to combine all the challenges - you did so marvelously - this is a great card!


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