Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Interruption In The Normal Program :)

Hello, I am sorry about being missing yesterday, I had NO internet for a whole 24 hours :( So not good. It is actually unbelievable how much the internet means to our everyday lives and when you don't have it, even for a day, you feel lost and confused.

That is what happened to us yesterday. I had no idea what to do and all the dsl company could say was that they crossed our lines with someone else and they had no idea how to fix it. Sad I tell ya. So, this morning was another phone call to them and I FINALLY got a person that knew what he was doing and fixed it n 30 min :)

WhoooooHooooooo, I am back up and running. I will have something to share with you a little later. I actually have TONS of work to catch up on from yesterday.

See you soon!!!!

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