Monday, April 20, 2009



I hope you all had a good weekend :) Mine was crazy, actually my legs hurt so bad that walking was a major obstacle. It is really crazy how a Wii-Fit can do that, hehehehe.

Today is my nephews first T-Ball game. He is sooooo excited about playing and I am just happy that I get to watch him. I thought I would make him a little "Good Luck" gift to give to him before the game, and trust me this time I am leaving EARLY!!!!! I missed his opening ceremony and I was bummed and now he is telling me that I need to make sure and leave early to be there on time today, LOL!!!

The picture I took back at my sisters house. Too cute :)

The frame is a dollar frame from Michael's and I painted it all white with acrylic paint. I was trying to figure out how to made the stitching on the ball and it clicked, I have red liquid applique, whooooohooooo. So after letting it dry for more than 24 hours, I heated it with the heat gun and poof, instant stitching feeling :)

Now, after I stamped the Giants on the frame, I realized that maybe I should have just put his name so that each year he could change it out. Ummmm, that was soooo not coming off, hehehe. So now it is a memory of his first T-Ball experience. I also coated the whole frame with Mod-podge and the little bat and ball in the corner was from Michaels.

Ok, so I am off now. I need to get lots of work done, get my daughter early from school, not liking those min. days right now and make potato salad that my nephew requested for dinner after the game and then off to watch him play.

I hope you have a good start of the week and I will see you tomorrow :)

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  1. Wonderful job!!! The liquid applique his a brilliant idea. It will really feel like stitching like you said. He is going to love it and he is so excited.
    He woke up this morning and first thing, put on his hat. He is ready to go hehehe


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